Tuff Rider Men's A-Circuit Knee Patch

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The TuffRider Men's A Circuit Knee Patch Breeches are the ones that gives you an out of the crowd look. This sturdy yet sophisticated men’s breech is a class apart. Created with a perfect blend of 66% Cotton, 26% Nylon, 8% Lycra to offer a comfortable and relaxed feel throughout your adventurous day, this trendy yet traditional looking breech comes along with knee patches. Created with a sturdy TuffRider fabric to offer extra durability and long life to the breech, it ensures you don’t have to think twice before opting for a tough ride. The TuffRider Men's A Circuit Knee Patch Breech is your perfect companion for an adventurous day with your style statement.


Product Features:

  • It is equipped with knee Patches for the perfect grip
  • The breech offers a flattering tailored fit for maximum comfort
  • It has a relaxed yet smart fit for a complete look
  • It is a durable and long lasting men's safari colored breech
  • The breech can withstand tough rides