Samshield Miss Shield Premium Alcantra Helmet

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Product Description

Inspired by the elegance and class of the sophisticated rider, the Samshield Miss Alcantara Riding Helmet embodies both technical demands and creative vision. In this helmet, you will find a design carefully crafted for performance, each component conceived as an ingenious fusion of safety and style to enjoy while you ride.

Featuring a gorgeous, exceptionally durable outer shell, the Miss Shield is made of polycarbonate, a material often used in the making of high-end motorcycle helmets. Adorned with a classic black suede outer, it has an elegant appeal for the discerning rider. The inner shell is constructed from a polystyrene lining to provide better dissipation of energy produced upon impact. With the addition of an extended visor to keep the sun out of your eyes, this beautiful helmet is finished off with the Samshield silver insignia along the front panel, making this the perfect choice for every show diva. 

For ultimate comfort and contentment, the interior of the helmet has a removable/washable cool fabric lining: a feature that allows the helmet to regulate heat and moisture. Further enhancing the comfort, Samshield has bypassed the necessity for shell vents with the incorporation of their innovative ventilation system that sends air flowing under the visor and up into the space between the shell and liner, keeping you cool and keeping your focus on your horse, not the heat!

Key Features:

  • Strong, Lightweight Polycarbonate Shell with Elegant Suede Outer
  • Expanded Polystyrene Inner Core
  • Extended Visor for Protection from the Elements
  • Silver Samshield Insignia on Frontal Band
  • Discreetly Effective Airflow Channels
  • Removable, Washable Cool Fabric Lining
  • Leather Covered Foam Harness System
  • Safety Certified: SEI/ASTM F1163-15, EN 1384:2017