Ovation solid stirrup leathers

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These Quality Leathers Are Made Of Genuine Leather, With Punched Adjustment Holes, Stainless Steel Buckles, And Reinforced Stitching. Many Jumping Saddles Today Are In The Rich, Brilliant Shades Of A Medium Brown With The Red Hues. These Classic Stirrup Leathers By Ovation Will Match Saddles Of This Nature Beautifully! The Genuine Leather That Is Used Will Last For Many Years, And Wear Slowly And Gradually. Nothing Allows The Iron To Slide Down It As Nicely As Genuine Leather! It Is Tried, Tested And Has Been The Most Popular Choice In Materials For Horse Tack And Equipment For Hundreds Of Years! The Stainless Steel, Non Corrosive Buckle Is Secured With Tidy Contract Stitching On The Leather. The Tip Is A Rounded Point That Inserts Easily In The Keeper While Mounted, If Adjustments Are Made To The Stirrups While Mounted.