Myler Eggbutt W/ Hooks MB 33 - Ported Barrel

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The Myler Bits Eggbutt with Hooks MB33 is a Myler Level Three bit as it is the mildest tongue pressure, giving plenty of room for the tongue and swallowing. Because of the higher port, a curb chain is recommended.

The Eggbutt snaffle bit ring with fixed attachment of the mouthpiece and slots at the top and bottom of the rings are for bridle and rein attachment. There is also a small hole behind the top slot for a curb chain.

This cheekpiece is used for both English and Western riding. It has a direct rein action when the rein hook is not used. It has indirect rein action when the rein is fixed on the rein hook. There is little to no leverage when the hooks are used.

Myler Bit Level 3