Horze Spirit Fetlock Boots

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Choose from the season's latest colors for a week's worth of sturdy galloping boots.

The Horze Spirit Fetlock Boots will keep his hind fetlocks protected during jumping or in the paddock. These boots come in the season's hottest colors. The Horze Spirit Fetlock Boots are a practical boot at a price for everyone. The wide, strong Velcro closures will keep these fetlock boots securely in place as you ride. Quick dry plastic and neoprene comes clean with a spray of the hose. To complete the look, we also have the Horze Spirit Tendon Boots (item # 19415).


Fetlock boots to protect the hind legs
Elastic strap and Velcro for a close fit
Plastic outer shell with a neoprene lining for support
Great value
New colors

Technical description:

Plastic, neoprene.

Washing instructions:

Rinse to wash cold. Air dry.