Gastro Gold III Gastric Ulcer Prevention

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(formerly known as GastroMax 3)

Gastro Gold III delivers superior equine ulcer prevention. Formulated for one of the most prevalent problems in the equine industry, the added ingredient of L-glutamine, a natural stomach healing agent, allows for almost 100% absorption of Omeprazole, a medicated ingredient. Sodium Acid Carbonate is added as an acid neutralizer.


  • Highly effective inhibitor of acid secretion in horses, creating a favorable environment in order to prevent ulcers
  • Carbo Shield technology can protect key ingredients allowing maximum absorption and effectiveness by neutralizing the harsh stomach acid
  • Proven to prevent ulcers and their reoccurrence, even during training; not just to alleviate their clinical signs
  • Allows convenient once-daily dosing
  • Formulation developed for the ease of administration, efficacy, and acceptability to horses
Item Specifications:

4mg syringe (1 dose)

Active Ingredients:
USP Grade Omeprazole: 2.28g
L-Glutamine: 1g
Sodium Acid Carbonate: 0.7g